optimize test taking and clinical performance

In optimizing clinical and test taking performance a clear diagnosis of the problems that are contributing to the difficulties will need to be defined. Then an intervention plan will be developed and assistance will be offered in improving your fund of knowledge in a way that honors your learning preferences, enhancing your focus and self confidence, and developing enhanced abilities in applying clinical skills or optimal test taking techniques.


career development

This process begins with a careful assessment of the factors that are critical to in your work and the  factors that are most critical to you in your life. Once the assessment provides the definition of your career goals, a plan is developed to help you reach those goals. Each benchmark within the plan illustrates your progress.

Resilience and lifestyle management

You will enhance your well-being by improving your self care and coping strategies. Attention will be given to best practices in the areas of nutrition, sleep hygiene, and exercise. Cognitive approaches that improve coping and promote health will be practiced.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can request a consult by clicking on the “Request A Consult” button and completing the contact form or email us at

The full consultation process begins with an assessment by clinical interview and several paper and pencil assessment instruments and inventories. This data is analyzed and an intervention plan is developed once we reach mutual agreement on the intervention plan we begin our intensive work together. The final step in the process is the reflection and completion phase.

Because of the demands of work schedules consultations are offered at mutually convenient times 7 days a week.

Consultations are provided via a telemedicine platform, Vsee. Vsee is HIPAA compliant and sessions are confidential.

Every effort is made to respond to your initial inquiry requests within 24 hours. Your initial inquiry consultation can be scheduled as soon as schedules allow.